In design: CORA Rehabilitation Clinic - Kennerly Facility

A Project in design

CORA Health Services, Inc. hired Arocordis Design recently to develop concept design and renderings of their soon to open 5,400 SF. Kennerly Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida.  We worked with their national and regional operations leadership to help them infuse their new space with tasteful brand-focused design.

Rendering view of entry lobby and reception area

Rendering view of entry lobby and reception area

Creating a welcoming client experience

We helped CORA create and design an attractive lobby and reception experience for visiting clients coming for sports or wellness related rehabilitation therapy.  As well, we worked with them to extend their brand and place palette into their multi-purpose gym and clinic space behind the reception area.  The space was designed to flow from entry to the rear area behind with easy visibility from one to the other.  

Rendering view of therapeutic workout area and gym

Rendering view of therapeutic workout area and gym

Coordinating the color and finish palette

We worked with their corporate color palette, company logo and graphics to assist in reinforcing an active healthy lifestyle messaging. We developed a floating wooden slatted ceiling element to provide a sense of focus at the reception desk and behind in the gym at the Physical Therapists station along with tasteful LED pendant lighting.  CORA will place targeted plants in the areas as shown to bring nature near and a sense of calmness and life such interior vegetation brings to interior spaces.  

We worked with them to bring in medium walnut wood tones to the countertops, furniture and wood trim as well as the slat ceiling focal point. This contrasts nicely with the green, blue and white colors which connect to their existing brand palette.  All of this creates an energetic, yet tasteful wellness experience.  

Our design and rendering services

We developed the design and renderings with Autodesk RevitLT and Adobe Photoshop CS5.  It was a quick yet interactive process back and forth between CORA Health's Operations team and Arocordis Design resulting in the final images you see here.  Stay tuned for more. 

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