National Life Group Dallas Lobby and Reception Area

View of finished reception desk, planter, wall backdrop and photo mural

View of finished reception desk, planter, wall backdrop and photo mural

A renovated lobby and reception area  

Earlier in the summer of 2016 we provided interior architectural design services for National Life Group  and their just finished reception area renovation at their Dallas area office location serving over 200 plus employees.   

      Finished this summer, this presents a new face for the Texas location while connecting to company wide aesthetics and brand story. We designed the reception desk area, planter and engineered stone rough and polished cladding, sign marquee (For weight reasons) as well as provided general direction as to wall graphics, furnishings as well as fixed finishes. 

Mission driven design and deep brand connections

     The design resonates with National Life Group's brand DNA focused on Main Street values with enduring strength and a commitment to weaving together people, planet and purpose. Thus materials and branding imagery were selected to reflect strength, innovation and weaving together.  The end result is a reception area communicating company values to both visiting customers and employee team members alike.

Previsualization and design

      Our services included extensive pre-visualization design providing alternative design options and then final visualizations of selected materials, colors and lighting for final review and signoff.  Before finalizing the design, we worked together to develop the design character and visual mood of the space exploring various wood finish and counter top material options.  See the below example of the final pre-visualization as a reference.  

Final design pre-visualiztion rendering.

Final design pre-visualiztion rendering.

Materials & Finishes

      Materials used in the reception area redesign ranged from Dupont Zodiaq engineered stone countertop and signage marquee materials, Coronado Stone Honey Ledge Series, satin finish aluminum U-reveals, cherry hardwood veneer paneling at desk and planter, stainless steel recessed planter and planting, 3Form Varia EcoResin recycled material, decorative panel with a weaving pattern and aluminum hold-offs, Wilsonart laminate tastefully clads the back area of the desk.  Zero-voc Sherwin Williams paints were used to reduce odors impacting employee and visitor wellbeing during their application.  

Branding and nature near

      With this design National LIfe sought to blend the DNA of their Texas location while connecting to their Vermont headquarters look and feel.  Enduring and strong elements such as stone,  cherry veneer woodwork, brushed aluminum trim along with a larger photo mural sought to create these important connections.

Ordinarily, National Life would have selected actual natural stone from local quarries however the existing building's structural capacity would not permit the use of the heavier stone product and its assembly.  However the manufactured stone selected emulates as effectively as possible the natural stone from the region.  Helping to connect Texan materiality to the Place.

Next to the stone wall, National Life integrated a wall sized photographic mural from a local main street from a small city in Texas where they do business to connect their company wide Main Street theme to the reception area experienced daily by hundreds of employees and visitors.  

Continuing the nature near and sustainability theme strong at the Vermont location we located a planter behind the desk under the National Life logo. The interior plantings seek to connect the outdoors inside, providing a green respite in and out of the office suite.  Various research suggests installing interior planting has beneficial effects for mood, morale and productivity.  

Frequently office workers suffer from Nature Deficit Disorder where people spend increasingly more time at inside at home, play, and work.  In our work, we champion fighting our increasing disconnection to nature by tailoring solutions fitting the mission, brand, values, and budget framework of our clients.  

Continuing On   

We continue to help National Life Group at their Dallas location and at their headquarters in Vermont. Given the attractiveness of their brand with outstanding insurance and financial services products they continue to grow in Dallas and at their Montpelier, Vermont location. We share their commitment to #Cause and #Mission in the work we do for them and for others.  Projects like this reception area exemplify our values driven design process committed to being true to a company's DNA and Brand while tailoring inspiring design solutions to each and every customer small and large. 

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(Photos courtesy of National Life, Rendering by Arocordis Design)