“We called Stephen while in the midst of a building project that was moving along quickly. He responded to our call the very next day and despite being a Holiday weekend, made an appointment to meet us at the camp we were renovating. He listened to our concerns and wishes carefully and made some very valuable suggestions. His drawings were delivered within the week and were a good frame of reference for communicating with our contractor. As our building plans we're changing rapidly, Steve was able to adjust just as quickly. He met with us again about a week later and shared his 3D drawings which were so instrumental in helping us visualize the building project. He was flexible when deciding how many hours we felt we would need and could afford. When we had completed the number of hours work we requested, Steve gave us more of his time at no additional charge. He was easy to communicate with, very professional and knowledgeable.”

Laura Purcell - Central Vermont

"Steve was fantastic, and we enjoyed working with him. We wanted to work through two potential future projects: 1) A separate design/work studio away from our main house 2) An expansion of the existing home to meet our home business needs.  Steve was fantastic, and we enjoyed working with him. He effectively guided us to better define the function of each space we were considering and helped us come up with realistic costs for the projects. I felt like it was a true collaborative effort. Having someone there to ask the right questions and help shape an idea into a doable plan is incredibly important. It has been a pleasure working with Steve. We now have detailed plans and a much better idea of what it will take to implement them. We would recommend Steve without hesitation.

He effectively guided us to better define the function of each space we were considering and helped us come up with realistic costs for the projects. I felt like it was a true collaborative effort. Having someone there to ask the right questions and help shape an idea into a doable plan is incredibly important. It has been a pleasure working with Steve. We now have detailed plans and a much better idea of what it will take to implement them. We would recommend Steve without hesitation." 

Gerri Huck and Happy Sharma - Central Vermont"

A barn in Roxbury, VT - Watercolor by Stephen Frey

A barn in Roxbury, VT - Watercolor by Stephen Frey

Steve Frey of Arocordis Design worked with me through a year and a half of hard decisions and amazing outcomes. We began by discussing plans to build a home out of shipping containers. He researched and incorporated green building techniques to keep within my low budget of 150K-200K. When the designs were in their first stages, he shopped them out to a couple known shipping container builders. He gently broke the news to me that getting the containers to Vermont was cost prohibitive, used too much energy, defeating the purpose.

We moved onto a simpler wood construction and through a few sit-down meetings we collaborated on the design, wants and don't really need kind of stuff , to establish a full blueprint. During this time he found my Realtor and set up interviews with 3 builders (newer guy into green building, established middle of the road kind of guy, and a top green builder). The only hitch was not being able to find a reasonable bit of land for the right price in the right spot.

Steve was great at letting me know when it was time to take a break, give it time, and move on the next opportunity. I eventually decided to buy an existing home, an 1840's farmhouse, that need work, but had great bones. Steve went back to the drawing board and did 4 elevations, an addition design, and reworked the interior for more open concept. Since I had decided to partner with Jacob Rogen at Rogen Design Build initially, Steve graciously handed the reigns over to Jacob, who has done a masterful job during the 1st phase of renovations. I am thankful for Steve's support and professionalism throughout this process. He knows his industry and is constantly looking to learn more and keep on top of new discoveries. Our time during the design phase was so productive and he listened to what I needed. He took what I had to say and interpreted it in the designs with perfection."

Jen Overton - Central VT

"I felt like he really listened to what we wanted, he really took the time to figure out what would work for us, considering my significant other's opposite style. For building a relationship with clients, I give Stephen an A++! Level of skill also an A++. We were giving beautiful drawings that completely encompass our vision of a dream home! I would also give him an A++ in caring, community and patriotism. Stephen, took it upon himself to research the Wounded Warrior Project and various accessibility options for us based on my disabilities I sustained while in the military, as well as different options for my autistic son. That really means something! Due to medical and financial reasons, we did not finish the project we started with Arocordis Design, but that's on us. I would absolutely recommend his business to anyone!"

Andrea Therrien - Northeastern Vermont

 "We're working toward a dream, and I didn't even know where to begin. Although we are just in the early stages of this process of planning for our retirement property, the Arocordis Design survey helped us (and him) to hone in on our long-term wants and needs. The questionnaire that started our conversation was like an answer to a prayer because originally, I wasn't even sure where to begin; that can be an overwhelming feeling. Steve was great! He kept checking back in, discussing the various stages of the process and the project itself, and step by step, placed us on the path to putting form to our nebulous dreams. We have a long way to go, but I am really grateful that Steve and Arocordis Design will be there with us at journey's end." 

Pam Letourneau-Fallon - Northeastern Vermont

"Although our previous lobby was a beautiful space with a lot of wood finishes, it was built in the late 1990’s and was definitely time for an updated and refreshed look. Arocordis Design was tasked with designing a new lobby that was warm and inviting but would also complement the progressive, current culture and atmosphere of the rest of our space. Not only did Steve meet that expectation, the new design was met with enthusiasm from those that were originally sad about losing the previous lobby. Our new lobby is beautiful and Steve was great to work with."

Jackie Crawford - Facilities Manager, National LIfe Group - Addison, Texas Offices

"As the Dean of Students at Vermont Technical College, I had the good fortune of working closely with Stephen Frey, LEED AP, from Arocordis Design who was collaborating with Ward Joyce Design to significantly upgrade one residence hall, the college dining hall and the student affairs office suite. Steve provided strong leadership, outstanding design concepts and timely and supportive follow-through on all three of these projects. In the course of one summer, he brought these three facilities from their original 1960s-1970s condition to comfortable, modern and student-friendly spaces. His efforts have given Vermont Tech the facelift it needed to recruit and retain students in a highly competitive higher education market. I recommend Steve and Arocordis Design without hesitation. " 

Eric Braun - Former Dean for Academic Affairs, Vermont Technical College


"I became acquainted with Stephen a few years ago. His approach to his architectural, interiors and planning work stood out to me because he takes a global view and works with his clients on solutions that facilitate better employee communications and engagement as a means not just to greater productivity for his clients, but for stronger recruiting and retention potential. I like that Stephen has been so open with his thoughts that go into his value proposition and the work that he does on his blog, and I have appreciated his willingness to help my organization, Winning Workplaces, reach a more diverse audience with content that resonates with them based on his focus. If you run a business in Vermont or the Northeast and want to rethink your office space with an eye toward improving employee interaction and quality of work, you should call Stephen at Arocordis Design. " 

Mark Harbke - VP Appliance Pro, (Formerly Marketing and Communications Director of Winning Workplaces)

"My name is Sarah-Lee Terrat. owner of YeloDog Design in Waterbury, Vermont. I have worked with Steve on several large, long term projects for Renewable NRG Systems in Hinesburg, Vermont. Steve was design director and project manager for Maclay Architects, and I designed and implemented many interior art installations within the complex. I also worked with Steve to choose finish materials for the interior. 

Steve is an extremely intelligent, focussed individual. His skills in architecture, art, and green building technology are vast, and his interest in constantly developing them is remarkable. 

I not only enjoyed working with Steve, I came to admire his technical knowledge as well as his incredible "designer's eye". I have never seen anyone with such an ability to take a complex concept and turn it into a set of concept drawings that describe and display it clearly and from many aspects. His draftsmanship skills are something rare indeed. 

I recommend Steve highly. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at yelodog1@comcast.net.  

Sarah-Lee Terrat, Owner, YeloDog Design - Waterbury, Vermont

Public speaking, workshops, and consulting

“At a recent VBSR conference, Stephen spoke about how the nature of work is evolving and the office environment needs to adjust accordingly. The implications can be significant. Millennials regard their careers as flexible endeavors, and seek companies that respect and mirror their own values. Accordingly, workspaces need to be more fluid, where engagement is encouraged and rigid hierarchy is discouraged. The individual becomes the focus. Properly executed, a responsive work environment improves both productivity and employee well-being. From Stephen’s presentation I learned that we employers need to alter our thinking and plan seriously for a new mode of work.”

Ted Pritchard, CFO