Arocordis cultivates inspired design and placemaking.

Our name originates from a fusion of two latin words, aro - to till, to cultivate and cordis - heart, soul and meaning. Arocordis functions as our ethos; to cultivate the heart, soul and meaning of design in the values driven work we do together.  

We provide a full range of architecture, interiors, planning and workplace design services. We engage in a values driven design process ensuring we align our work to your mission, vision, values and purpose.   

We tailor design solutions to fit your budget, timeline, aesthetic and functional goals.  All the while we seek to inspire you, your business, community, family, or organization with the quality our ideas, creativity and collaborative spirit. 

We built our process on years of pragmatic experience grounded in commercial, institutional and residential project work here in Vermont, regionally and beyond.

Our work evolves out of a unique collaborative fusion with you exploring the nexus of function, art, science, technology, psychology, nature and place.  

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We have extensive experience tackling design projects for a diverse and inspiring range of values driven commercial clients. Whether commercial office, hospitality, institutional, for and/or non-profit doing a renovation, addition or new building we can help your organization thrive.

We provide a wide range of architectural design, tenant-fitup site planning, interior architectural design work for a wide range of commercial project types. We have experience with fast moving tenant fit up projects with tight budgets and aggressive timelines, renovation in place construction processes requiring careful phasing of work, coordination of contract furniture and equipment, custom millwork, minimizing disruption, maximizing safety and indoor environmental quality. 

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We believe the home holds a special place in architectural design and placemaking for it forms the heart around which family and friends gather, raise families and recently embrace multiple generations living along side one another. 

Along with our commercial design services we provide a range of custom tailored and personalized values driven residential design services. Whether large or small, an overall masterplan for future renovations and additions, concept and detailed custom home design.  We seek to collaborate with you to help you find the right balance of aesthetic, functional and energy efficiency performance, green sustainable design elements meeting your values, budget and purpose. We strive to collaborate as needed with your local builders skilled in best practices in healthy and energy efficient,  NetZero capable construction.

We provide concept design, builder and detailed construction documents as needed along with full or partial construction administration services, permitting assistance and concept site planning.  In everything we do we strive to bring the utmost creative value to you and your family.  We design with a highly interactive three-dimensional design program which helps us help you visualize your design as it develops from concept to detailed design. We believe in pre-visualization like this to test out ideas and concepts virtually before committing to them in the ground.  

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In the beginning of your project you may need to develop an overall masterplan design with budgets, site analysis, land-use and  permitting analysis.  Similarly when on the early stages of a building project you may need a feasibility study which may include; an accessibility review, existing building and building systems assessments, concept and feasibility design, outline specifications and budgets. Arocordis Design can tap into a whole host of design, landscape, engineering and real estate consultants who we frequently team up with to help you plan and develop your property and facilities for future success.  

Every project has its differences, but they all require a values driven and creative vision along with ample due diligence to help your project move to the next stage. We also have experience working with zoning boards, planning commissions and city councils helping facilitate for you a smooth process maintaining your budget and long term goals in mind. 

Our project experiences range across creative placemaking projects, facility improvement projects, knowledge of USDA RD and other funder requirements, land planning, eco-resort and green multi-use smart growth oriented commercial development.

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Rendering & Visualization 

As part of our services or stand-alone creative we provide a wide range of architectural renderings and illustration.  Whatever the medium we emphasize visual story telling, whether with state of the art 3D visualizations, watercolor, hand sketches with colored color pencil, or mixed media along with photoshopping, graphics and labeling.   Need carefully planned, coordinated graphics for presentations to clients, customers or media usage, fundraising or more, we can be of help every step of the way.  

We happily will work with your creative or  marketing team members to ensure well coordinated visuals reinforcing the story you hope to tell.  Contact us to learn more.

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