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We believe our architectural design work helps cultivate thriving organizations, people, places, and high performance.  In short we believe good architecture and design can catalyze positive experience.

IT'S ABOUT balancing MISSION, PURPOSE, and values

For us, mission and purpose driven design provides the larger framework through which to create artful, balanced, and integrated solutions around.  Beauty and elegance emerge out studying closely function, fit, and purpose. Whether at the scale of a masterplan, a building, a place or a space we seek to create experiences good for people, the planet, and profits while evoking what matters most to you.  Authentically.  


Revitalizing State and Main

Completed in April of 2014, Arocordis Design provided the League strategic workplace design services, Furniture Fit-up and Equipment design and construction administration services for a 15,000 square foot renovation in place fast-track project. Designed for 50 workers in three primary work neighborhoods, each was served by shared common areas and meeting spaces tailored to their individual and collaborative needs.

Beginning with workplace strategies

We helped the VLCT develop appropriate workplace strategies by facilitating an all hands meeting early in the design process reviewing best practices in high performance more open workplace design helping them move from a completely private office setting to fully embracing a considerably more open office collaborative work environment.  

Reinforce work culture by design

In all of our work together, we helped the League focus on building a stronger, more collaborative and effective work culture dedicated to serving member Vermont cities and towns in their municipal services consulting, insurance products and legislative support services.  We did this by providing choices in work settings, assisting them with branded artwork locations and touchpoints, gathering and meeting hubs combined with a mixed of more open to more private open office work areas.  Individual workstations in neighborhoods were tailored to the business and work process needs in their layout, accessories, sit to stand work surface options and more. 

Final floor plan showing work neighborhoods and gradation to more open to closed work areas, collaboration spaces

Final floor plan showing work neighborhoods and gradation to more open to closed work areas, collaboration spaces

Furniture, finishes, colors and lighting

We led the furniture and workplace solutions procurement and implementation process. We wrote the RFP, developing the design and specs for selecting furniture and workplace solutions providers, space plan and detailed furniture layout design and coordination. We worked with VLCT to select branded and integrated colors and finishes for interior surfaces, furniture and equipment.  We led the effort in interior lighting design, reviewed fixture selection and detailed layout to provide the desired end result, choices of light levels and functionality.  We enjoyed collaborating with Jeff Norway, owner of Norway Electric who helped facilitate the final lighting layout and offered excellent suggestions for final lamping and placement.  

Collaboration and teamwork

Arocordis Design on behalf of the League collaborated extensively with Doug Nedde, the City Center owner and his design build team which included Scott + Partners Architects led by Joel Page on this project, They provided core and shell design, interior wall layout and space planning.  We worked closely with them and the League in developing a space plan and layout which provided both needed open office work and common area settings along with supporting private meeting and collaboration areas. 

Red Thread, the Winner of the furniture RFP, A workplace solutions provider from the Chittenden County area of Vermont, provided excellent and proactive interactive design services using 3-d design technology within meetings of executives and staff groups.  They helped guide VLCT and ourselves through detailed choices of furniture layout and configurations as well as helping warehouse existing furniture to be reused and the eventual setting back up again along with all of the new furniture and equipment. The end result was truly the product of an extraordinary collaboration with all parties involved.

New beginnings: Workplace etiquette and protocols

Arocordis near the end of construction worked with VLCT leadership to develop change management materials including information on best practices in workplace etiquette and protocols to ease transition from private offices to the choice filled neighborhood driven open office setting.  Doing so helped VLCT  begin new operational conversations and shared expectations about working together in their new workplace.  

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Re-imagining a Reception and Waiting Area


    National Life Group asked Arocordis Design to extend the company's values driven brand DNA to their Dallas, Texas offices reception and waiting area echoing their recently modernized and updated headquarters in Vermont we have been assisting them on since 2011 over the course of multiple projects.  While asking us to connect their headquarters vision they requested we work with them to adapt and relate the reception area design to their Texas location, local colors and materiality from the landscape. 

National Life is all about being a Main Street focused brand for its financial services and insurance products. Integrating a large scale photo mural of a Texan downtown with their lobby renovation was important to expressing their Place based company values. A cultured stone wall with signage niche was placed as the focal point echoing the natural stone species found in Texas quarries.  (Real stone couldn't be used due to weight issues on the floor framing)  The lighting, finishes and colors all worked together to echo their headquarters yet create a distinct and elegant impression for visitors and employees alike.

Although our previous lobby was a beautiful space with a lot of wood finishes, it was built in the late 1990’s and was definitely time for an updated and refreshed look. Arocordis Design was tasked with designing a new lobby that was warm and inviting but would also complement the progressive, current culture and atmosphere of the rest of our space. Not only did Steve meet that expectation, the new design was met with enthusiasm from those that were originally sad about losing the previous lobby. Our new lobby is beautiful and Steve was great to work with.
— Jacque Crawford - Facilities Manager, Dallas - National Life Group

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A Values Driven Design for a Gardening e-commerce company.


     Their new workplace displays our mission and values driven design and work process. We designed their interior architecture renovation including front of house offices, meeting spaces, collaboration areas, and shipping/ receiving areas.

We provided space planning, workplace strategies and more.  
      We worked closely with the owner on the design who then collaborated with Christine Burdick who provided finishing touches of targeted finishes, furniture selection and wall graphics. 
      Together we created a new workplace environment echoing their brand DNA of a disruptive e-commerce company operating in the gardening and seed space.  The owner purchased the former site of a venerable area outdoor recreation store which became a high end furniture store seeing new possibilities for re-purposing its' tall floor to floor heights and vast open areas into a high functioning collaborative focused open office workplace and seed shipping and receiving warehouse area. He saw the potential. We helped American Meadows reach their's in this project. 

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Open Offices Modernization


National Life Group hired Arocordis Design in 2011 to help them develop overall workplace design strategies, common area interior architectural design and interior branding coordination.  The project involved working with them as they transitioned to a more a cause and purpose driven organization valuing "We" work, rather than an "I" entitlement based paradigm. A Fortune 1000 company in business for over 150 years, National Life has come to place great value on actively stewarding their communities they serve, environmental and sustainability concerns.  Their ethos "Do good, be good, make good" permeates all the do, and is especially relevant to modernizing and updating their offices to help them attract and retain the best and brightest talent equally interested in their corporate values and mission. 

 Project goal was to create a fully updated values driven collaboratively focused work space for 600 plus employees while reducing the amount of floor area used freeing up over 30,000 of tenant space able to be rented to other tenants to help pay for the renovations over the next ten years.  Renovations include over 150,000 square feet across ootball field size floors utilizing best practices in workplace design strategies and open office design, aesthetic improvements, movable walls and workstations, collaborative technologies, mission driven space branding and state of the energy efficient lighting and controls.

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View of lobby and reception from main entry - Interior 3d Visualization

View of lobby and reception from main entry - Interior 3d Visualization

Opening Soon

CORA Health Services, Inc. hired Arocordis Design recently to develop concept design and renderings of their soon to open 5,400 SF. Kennerly Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida.  We worked with their national and regional operations leadership to help them infuse their new space with tasteful brand-focused design.

Creating a welcoming client experience

We worked to help them create an attractive lobby and reception experience for visiting clients coming there to do sports or wellness related rehabilitation therapy.  As well, we worked with them to extend their brand and place palette into their multi-purpose gym and clinic space. 

View of physical therapy and rehabilitation clinic space - 3d Interior Visualization

View of physical therapy and rehabilitation clinic space - 3d Interior Visualization

Coordinating the color and finish palette

We worked with their corporate color palette, company logo and graphics to assist in reinforcing an active healthy lifestyle messaging. We developed a floating wooden slatted ceiling element to provide a sense of focus at the reception desk and behind in the gym at the Physical Therapists station along with tasteful LED pendant lighting.  CORA will place targeted plants in the areas as shown to bring nature near and a sense of wellbeing such planting brings to interior spaces. 

We worked with them to bring in medium walnut wood tones to the countertops, furniture and wood trim as well as the slat ceiling focal point. This contrasts nicely with the green, blue and white colors which connect to their existing brand palette.  All of this creates an energetic, yet tasteful wellness experience.  

We developed the renderings with Autodesk RevitLT and Adobe Photoshop CS5.  It was a quick yet interactive process back and forth between CORA Health's Operations team and Arocordis Design resulting in the final images you see here.  Stay tuned for more. 

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