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Designing your future

Colored Pencils On Point, by Stephen M. Frey

Colored Pencils On Point, by Stephen M. Frey

Are you a fan of architecture? Always dreaming about designing or redesigning your home, your office or workplace? When you were young did you build with Legos, Lincoln Logs or more recently Minecraft and imagine being an architect when you grew up?  

Getting lost in the reverie of making things, designing and creating, is that you?

Do you have a favorite architect or designer? A favorite design movement or part of design history like Mid-Century Modern, Post-Modernism, Adirondack Style, High Modern or Living Architecture? Do you read those architecture, design and building magazines voraciously at book store and libraries or online?

Fast forward to today. Wherever your path has taken you professionally and in life there is still time to act on your inner impulse to design, to create, to renovate your home, your office or anther special place or space to you. 

Fortunately we architects are there for you to walk alongside you. We can be there step by step to help you realize your vision in balance with your pragmatic realities of cost, complexity, schedule, your capacity to do this creative work and more. A lot more. 

We enjoy when our clients get creative, where they draw their ideas, build in 3D programs, make lists, set priorities, build a houzz or Pinterest boards of ideas which inspire.  All of that helps us help you in designing your future together. 

It helps us establish. by your creativity, your project mission, goals and objectives. From there we can begin to uncover your clear functional, spatial, and behavioral patterns, start designing concepts, 3D massing, mood imagery and more.  

Depending on your capacity and interest we are happy to support a more do it yourself process or one where we take the lead, managing the project and design process on your behalf through all the stages of design, construction, finishing and fitup, site design and sitework. 

We have many collaborators and a deep network of contractors, builders, craftspeople, engineers and consultants who all can help you design your future.  

All you have to do is contact us today. Let's walk together and design that future!



The triple bottom line and energy efficiency in existing commercial buildings

The triple bottom line and energy efficiency in existing commercial buildings

"Recently we gave a talk sharing why and how to improve energy efficiency in existing commercial buildings. We relearned in the process how extensive and valuable the existing building retrofit marketplace is."